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Wednesday, 12 October 2016 05:11

Tree Labeling at campus of UNTL

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Mahogany tree around campus of Faculty of Economy, UNTL Mahogany tree around campus of Faculty of Economy, UNTL CCCB

Tree labeling at campus of UNTL

A total of 40 tree plant species were identified and named in the main campus of UNTL, Dili (please refer to the Annex for detail). After the identification, the Centre held a seminar by presenting its results prior to the setting of the tree labels. A total of 82 labels were produced and set in the identified trees. This suggests that there were some tree species that labeled more than one time and this was necessary due to a wide distribution of tree species in three location of the main campus of UNTL. The printed label was set near to the identified tree (see Photo 1 for details). The label contains names of family, species name, English name and local name (Tetum). At the final observation to the all trees being labeled, we observed there was one labeled set at the betel nut tree (Areca catechu L.) or bua in Tetum (no 34 of the annex) located at Western end (Liceu) of the Avenida Cidade de Lisboa being taken away from the plant and this would be replaced by staff. Although, most of the identified trees did not include taxonomical details, we believe that the information provided in the labels set to the identified trees would help people who intend to know it. Therefore, expanding of tree labeling other Campus like Hera and public places are important. 

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Delfim da Costa

Lecturer and researcher at UNTL Faculty of Agriculture. Environment and agriculture are the most interest to work on

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