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Area Peskiza

Mudansa Klimate

Impkatu Mudansa Klimatika 

  • Socio-economic impacts of climate change, with research focused on climate change impacts such as drought, on family income, access to clean water, and other associated impacts.
  • Climate change and health - research into the effects of climate change on diseases in Timor-Leste (e.g. Malaria, Dengue) and their increase of incidence due to mosquito population and temperature rises.
  • Analysis of climate change impacts to Timor-Leste according to current and future predictions.
  • Identification of climate change risks to species losses.
  • Climate change vulnerability and risk assessments, identifying adaptation options for agriculture, biodiversity conservation, fisheries, livestock, infrastructure, natural disasters and health.
  • Agricultural adaptation - research into the adaptation of plant species and cultivars that are well-adapted to drought and floods; and screening of drought resilient species and/or introducing resistant species/cultivar through plant breeding programmes.
  • The identification of technologies to mitigate the impacts of climate change (e.g. alternative energy technologies, farming technologies, or existing local knowledge). 


  • Biodiversity Conservation, including, but not limited to: agricultural biodiversity, coastal and marine biodiversity, uplands and mountain biodiversity, forest biodiversity, and water catchment biodiversity.
  • Loss of species - the identification of plant and animal species losses and identification of causes and strategies for conservation.
  • Identification of species for potential development and/or medicinal use, and/or other commercial and research interests and their associated research under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) programme.
  • Biodiversity research to support the Government of Timor-Leste in developing conservation policies and measures.
  • Reduction of land conversion - research into the improvement of farming practices to maintain the production of crops while minimising forest land conversion for farming. 

Governu Timor-Leste

  • Research outputs, data and recommendations for the government of Timor-Leste, for the purposes of policy-development in addressing climate change, food security, and sustainable development.

Capacity Building and Awareness Raising

  • Climate change and biodiversity capacity building, awareness raising and behaviour change.
  • Training for researchers in climate change areas, with a focus on Vulnerability Impact Assessments and adaptation.